Chartered accountant

A chartered accountant is an important professional that carries out a number of vital functions. For the purpose of clarity, it is important to make a distinction between an accountant and a chartered accountant. If you attend a university and you graduate with a Bachelor's degree in accountancy, you are an accountant. However, you are not a chartered accountant. You only become a chartered accountant if you are licensed or accredited by the relevant professional body.

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In the UK, the organization responsible for the regulation of accounting and auditing is the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW). Before you become a chartered accountant in the UK, you must undergo training and pass examinations organized and supervised by this establishment. Other organizations that regulate the practice of accounting and auditing in the UK are the CAI and the ICAS. If you do not belong to any of these organizations, you cannot consider yourself a chartered accountant in the UK.

Training for Chartered Accountants

There are many options for candidates that want to become professional accountants in the UK. In most cases, university graduates with degrees in Economics, Banking, Finance, Management and Accountancy can take the relevant examinations and qualify as professional accountants. In other cases, the candidate may not need to attend a university. People with a background in other professions can register with any recognized accounting body in the UK, write the examinations undergo training and become qualified professionals in accounting.

The Work of Accountants

Professional accountants in the UK can work in many related fields. Accountants can work as internal auditors, external auditors and forensic auditors. Accountants can work in the private sector and they can also work in the public sector. In many cases, senior accountants can set up their own firms and employ other accountants to work for them.

Qualities of Accountants

Accountants should be disciplined, careful and organized people. The job requires a high level of ethics and integrity. In addition, accountants should have an eye for detail and should exhibit a healthy dose of skepticism.

Specialization and Job Description

Accountancy is a very marketable course because experts in this field have opportunities to work in many industries. Accountants can work as auditors in banks, insurance firms and in the finance ministry. They can also in specialize in forensic accountingauditing. In this case, they can work in law enforcement agencies. Accountants can also work in large multinational corporations, NGOs and manufacturing companies. Accountants can specialize in taxation. This is a lucrative specialty because it requires top class skills and excellent training. In fact, qualified accountants can work in most establishments.

International Advantage

One of the best things about being accountant is that you have international relevance. Accounting standards and accounting principles are the same in most parts of the world. This means that you can work in foreign countries with your UK qualification.

Final Word

Accountancy is a great profession. It is lucrative dignified and very rewarding. Become a chartered accountant and you can write your own ticket.